What is Printpoppa?

Print Poppa is a Direct to Garment printing studio that commits to providing professional customer service and quality printed apparel.

We also provide FREE fully functional ecommerce stores that we print on demand and fulfill for.

Quick check

- We do not charge for set up

- We charge based on total units printed in the run. The more you print, the cheaper it becomes!
- If we supply the garment, we charge less for the print.
- We are an ASColour reseller, so we can wholesale you the garments.


Print Poppa FREE web store benefits.


  • No money tied up in stock
  • Never run out of sizes
  • No warehousing
  • No stock loss (shrinkage)
  • No minimum print-runs

Typically an entry level basic shopping cart website would cost around $3500 to develop, and you would have on-going costs associated with admin and production.

With Print Poppa we take care of everything so you dont have to.

How does it work?


  • You create a FREE web store through PrintPoppa.co.nz
  • Enter your PayPal account number. This is who will pay you.
  • You create virtual merchandise by placing your designs onto our range of market leading blank products.
  • When a customer comes onto your store and makes a purchase the money goes to PayPal.
  • We then create the products and ship direct to the customer. The customer has already paid for both the product and the shipping.
  • On the first of the month PayPal does a mass pay-out to all our affiliate stores.
  • We handle all customer support areas so you don’t have to.
  • You just sit back and collect the cash!


What kind of features do the websites have?


  • You can use you own website address so you protect your brand.
  • We use professionally shot models, so your products look awesome!
  • You get a wholesale rate and you set your own prices.
  • Full reporting, so you know who is buying what and where it’s going.
  • Google analytics.
  • You can sell gift vouchers.
  • Social networking likes links.
  • You can collect your customer database.
  • You can run newsletters or blogs.
  • There are loads of customizable templates to choose from.
  • Users can create free web stores through your store if you allow them and you get 5% on any sales they make.
  • Create custom apparel online designer feature with over 3700 free stock images.
  • Full access to the HTML and CSS gives you complete control over design.


Get started now!