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 We also provide a range of awesome Stock Images for you to edit and use for your T-Shirt.

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Print Poppa Design a T-shirt tutorial below:

First step: Go to the main page of Print Poppa and click on 'Design a T-shirt' 

first step

Second step: Under the drop down menu, press 'T-shirt designer' 

Step three: You'll be lead to this page here. There is a button to pick a AS colour product of your choice, add text as a design, add design and add team name. To the left is details about the product you have chosen to design "AS colour/staple tee" 

Step four: This is where you see more components of picking the product for you. You can pick the colour of the garment, size and select quantity of each size that you require. 

Step five: To start designing your garment of choice, click on "Add a design" 


Step six: Then this pop up should come up. Then press "Add DTG Printed Design" 

Step seven: Yay! You've made it to customising your garment/T-shirt, but we aren't done yet. 

To upload your own design you've created press the "Upload design" button or to look through "Stock designs" click the arrow 'down' and explore many other designs you may want to choose. 

Step eight: Click on the design you want on the garment/T-shirt of your choice, and just press "Select design"

Step nine:  Your design should appear on the T-shirt mock-up displayed in this photo here. You are now free to move the design around within the yellow dotted line (For front prints) You can also add a back print and sleeve prints (Sleeve prints are in the black and white dotted line)

Step ten: This is another way to move the design you've chosen around the area of the T-shirt. All these options here help you resize and fix proportions on your image. 

Step eleven: To add more designs, click "Add Design" again. You are also able to design the back of the garment/T-shirt and sleeves. Just follow the same process from the steps above. 

Step twelve: Once you've done designing, press "Buy" and there will be a pop up that shows you whats in your cart, when you are ready, time to press "Checkout" 

Follow all these 12 steps for a successful garmnet designing experience. Time to unlease your creativity! Thanks for designing with Print Poppa.

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