Screen Printing

Creating beautiful screen-printed apparel requires creativity, skill, and experience. Starting with your design, our screen printing professionals apply their decades of experience to achieve its full potential. 

Our quality craftsmanship, responsive service, and lightning-fast turnaround make us a reliable screen printing company you can depend on no matter where you’re located. A minumum of 30 units per Order.

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Screen Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is screen printing?
Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a mesh screen to transfer ink onto a material, like fabric. Popular for customising t-shirts, hoodies, and other pieces of apparel, screen printing produces a high-quality, long-lasting print.
How quickly can I get my order?
Screenprinting takes 10-14 days.
Are there any setup fees for Screen Printing?
Yes, There are set up fees per colour included in the price.
How do I place an order or get a quote?
Start Shopping here. Simply choose your product/size/colour and upload or create your design.
The price is displayed for you including GST.
Then add to cart
Easy peasy.
When is screen printing the best option for customising shirts?
In our experience, screen printing is the best option for larger orders, with simple images that use a limited number of colours. We recommend screenprinting for trade uniforms and for heavily worn and washed garments.
Is there a minimum order size for screen printed apparel?
A minimum of 30 units of the same design is required for screenprinting.
What files types should I upload?
.png or .pdf closely cropped to size on a transparent background
.eps if you are using vector artwork.

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